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Payroll Processing Services

Payroll is most dedicated and due diligent work, a team of professional dealing with payroll Service provides for proper payroll management based on the necessities of the company. Payroll processing service includes Management, Attendance, Provident Fund/Gratuity, SESSI/EOBI and exact payroll reports for accounting purposes.

When you outsource your payroll service to professional company, you need not to worry about adding new staff to deal with the business growth, therefore freeing the owners of these responsibilities at affordable cost.

Payroll processing service is beneficial for both employer and the employees. As this payroll processing companies are highly aware of the legal tax laws, it saves the employee from any legal errors. It is also beneficial to the employer as it saves the time of the employer that would have been wasted in boring calculations and gives the chance to employer to focus on core business activity.

With e-square you have multiple advantages by outsourcing payroll process. Our comprehensive custom made web based online HRIS system & our operational salary administration efficiencies, make it best offer in market today to outsource your payroll processing to e-square.

We maintain all your employee payroll details without duplicating any effort at the month end. We provide automated employee attendance management system (Time keeping), linked to HRIS to save us time. It is flexible enough to cater to every sector’s unique payout calculations parameters.

Outsource your payroll processing services and experience the right way of running your business with http://www.esquare.com.pk

Posted by: Esquare Admin

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I want to see my pay slip

Posted by: Ahsanmujib
On 08-02-2018

I want to see my pay slip

Posted by: Ahsanmujib
On 08-02-2018

I wanna see my salary deposit slip

Posted by: Salman khan
On 08-01-2018

pay slip

Posted by: Muhammad Ijaz
On 04-08-2017

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