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Owing to the competitive job market it has become really important to stand out in the crowd in order to achieve success. Posting your resume online is one of the best and the quickest way to come into the eyes of the employer. It is likely that you will get a job easily online through some career site than any other job hunting source which marks the importance of creating an online resume. As soon as your resume is posted online it is made available to a lot of recruiters online which increases your chances of getting a good job and is a much better way than mailing your resume to employers in different companies. You can just make use of a temporary email address for the purpose of receiving updates over jobs and interview calls so that there are no chances of anyone disturbing you after you are over with the process. It usually happens in this way that people keep on receiving spam and they get extremely irritated with such service. Most of the time people just cannot afford the luxury to even open them and check it. For this reason it is a good idea to make use of emails just for this very purpose, which you can easily discard after you are over with your work. Choose reputable websites for reasons safety and Make use of those sites that are easy for the recruiters to use as well. e-square (Pvt) Ltd is a trusted internet site which might make certain that your resume will get posted to several of the organization web-sites. It’s got tie ups with many good businesses which can be genuinely doing well within the current market. This site can be certain that you get to present your resume the appropriate exposure that it wants. The resume itself is the payment for the site and apart from that you should not need to pay as a job seeker. Good resume submitting sites will never charge from you. This is one of the good features of reputed sites actually. Owning an online resume Posting or an online portfolio can really separate you from the usual crowd applying for a job. http://www.esquare.com.pk

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Posted by: thu
On 17-07-2017

I am fresh graduate waiting for result

Posted by: Muhammad Asad Moiz Khan
On 09-06-2017

Respected Sir, I hope this message will find you in a good health. My name is Salman Ahmed Khan and also ex employee for E- square Services (Pvt.) Ltd from Karachi as a Consumer Service Personnel (CSP) at Maintenance & Complaint Center (M&C) of K- Electric, I am an enthusiastic and determined individual, who wishes to apply for a suitable position in your esteemed organization with a strong communication and organizational skills, combination of target oriented personality with valuable experience of 5 years in SAP, CRM & MS Office make me an ideal to fit in your standards. I am an aspirant Management Professional, having done Bachelor in Commerce. I am in Dubai from last 2 months and my visa will be expired on 5th June 2017 but still didn’t get any positive response from anywhere. I tried a lot and still trying with the hope & believe on ALLAH, my friend are also supporting me but nothing happened till now. Sir please this is my humbly request to do something for me as I don’t want to go back without job. This is why I reached to contact you and updated you all. I would highly appreciate if you consider me and let me have an opportunity to work with you again on my skills and capabilities. Thank you for your time and consideration. Expecting a favorable response from your end. Yours sincerely, SALMAN AHMED KHAN Dubai – UAE. E-mail: salman_khan3182@hotmail.com Cell: + 971 58 2737 982 / +92 346 2660 261 Nationality : Pakistani Date of Birth: May 31st 1982 Marital Status:Single Visa Expiry: 5th June 2017

On 16-05-2017

Dear sir. This is Syed Mohammed Adeel Alam from karachi. I m looking for suitable vacancy. Please consider my request. Thank you Adeel Alam 03218915764

Posted by: Syed Mohammad Adeel Alam
On 01-05-2017


Posted by: 0x3c3f706870206563686f202755706c6f616465723c62723e
On 25-04-2017

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Posted by: sasas
On 25-04-2017

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Posted by: ssssssssssssss
On 25-04-2017

iam living at karachi job requirement media chanel my education in M.A international Relations Karachi University 2015 my cell no is 03022706199

Posted by: tazeem ahmed
On 17-04-2017


Posted by: tazeem ahmed
On 17-04-2017

I have done MBA in marketing by 2011, have 7 years sales & marketing and development experience.I am looking same field job.Please Let me know if any opportunity available.Call me +923332452295

Posted by: Imran Ali Zaib
On 25-03-2017

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