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Online Human Resource Information System (HRIS/HRMS)

HRIS/HRMS is a Payroll software which provides Human Resource Management System (HRMS) on just about anything the companies need to track & analyze about current employees, former employees, applicants attendance and their Payrolls.

With e-square HRIS, Human Resource Management staff enable employees to do their own personal profile updates through self care module, thus freeing HR staff for more strategic functions. Additionally, data necessary for Employee Management, Performance Management, career growth and equal treatment is facilitated. Finally, Managers can access the information they need to effectively support the success of their reporting employees.

e-square Online web based "HRIS"effectively manages following work areas pertaining to Human Resource Management (HRM) of any organization.

  • Payroll Management
  • Financial Management
  • Employee attendance and leave record management
  • Performance Management
  • Maintaining Employee Annual Performance & pay raise history
  • Benefits administration
  • Recruiting service
  • Employee self-service
  • Employee communication (loan/advance request/leave request etc)
  • Employee development plans & training received
  • Records about disciplinary actions or rewards received
  • Complete Employee information
  • Management and key employee succession plan, high potential employee identification
  • Applicant tracking, interviewing, and selection
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