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HR Services


The core concern with Recruitment is to identify and assess outstanding professionals responsible for high-end managerial and key decision-making roles. At e-square we search... Read More


HR Outsourcing is a practice that many companies around the world are adopting to achieve greater organizational flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads them... Read More


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of hiring another company to handle your non corebusiness activities e-square Services is capable of providing comprehensive... Read More

HR Consultancy

The ever changing business environment poses a challenge to design an efficient organization. The design should have best mix of product/service delivery channels, customer... Read More


e-square offers in-house Training & Development Services to our clients in all Over Pakistan. We specialize in call center, Customer Service, Sales, and Time Management Trainings. We can also conduct customized... Read More

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